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Millie (Storm)

Millie (Storm)

2019, 30th of January, I gave birth to my first born, a baby girl named Storm. 

My pregnancy with Storm wasn’t as straight forward as I envisioned. I had gestational diabetes, and could only just  keep my insulin levels under control. 

Storm was measuring small but I wasn’t that concerned as I’m only 5ft and my husband….….well he isn’t a giant by any means, we were going to have little babies!

Because of this, I was going to be induced. Again something I didn’t envision and something I was extremely nervous about. 

We decided to go a private hospital and I absolutely LOVED the care I received both antenatal, birth and post birth! My obstetrician was sensational and she really put my new mum mind at ease. 

So heavily pregnant 38 +4  we arrived at the hospital for my induction, to my excitement when I got checked I was already dilated 3cm without knowing! Which meant I didn’t have to be induced! Whoohoo! I had the option of staying or coming back in the morning, we chose to come back in the morning as I didn’t want to leave our dog haha. 

At This point I was so excited, and a little bit nervous as it was go time! a lot was going through my mind, am I going to keep dilating and have no pain? Will I make it to the hospital? 

 6am came, and I still had no pain, but we got ready and off to the hospital we went as they wanted to see me at 7am.

I should probably say, I had no birth plan. I chose this on purpose. I wanted to go with the flow and not be disappointed if something didn’t go to “plan”.  AlI I was sure of is that I didn’t want the gas but I did want an epidural if needed. I also had my husband and my mother as my support. AND the most elaborate labour suitcase you would ever see haha which included matching mama and baby outfits , my own labour gown, matching pillow case just to name a few! Oh and I also had my hair braided by my hair dresser haha let’s just say I watched wayyy to many YouTube videos haha 

When my obstetrician checked me I was 5cm! Still no pain. So that was awesome! 

We decided to break my waters and get the show on the road. Basically as soon as this happened my body went straight into intense labour! I feel like I only managed 1-2 hours before I requested the epidural! I was so fortunate it came in 30mins. I actually had to lay on my right side as I kept passing out when on my back with the epidural something I didn’t know that could happen. ( I am a fainter so it didn’t surprise me)  

It wasn’t long at all before it was push time! The epidural had worn off as they turned it off, so I felt the sensation of pushing, Storms heart rate was dropping so they really needed to get her out, she was there, but I ended up needing a small episiotomy and a vacuum on her head just to help get her out quick. 

My obstetrician said “Millie put your arms down and pull her out!” She said this a couple of times to me, I think I was in shock that this was offered to me! So I did!! I pulled out my sweet daughter and put her on my chest! And woweee what a moment! A moment I wanted to saviour and repeat 1million times over!

We did delay clamping and my husband cut the cord! Unfortunately, I remember saying to my husband I need you to take her. As I started to vomit quite a lot because of the epidural. 

Storm weighed a perfect 6lbs , 47cm long bigger then what they thought! 

My labour altogether was a quick 5hours! She was just so perfect and oh so cute! 

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