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Millie (Reef)

Millie (Reef)

My second pregnancy was through Covid, 2020. Covid was new to everyone, scary, and isolating. 

If I’m honest with myself I was extremely anxious being pregnant through the pandemic! And birthing in the pandemic was just next level terrifying and not being able to have my mother there for support was really challenging me. 

My second pregnancy shared similarities with my first (you can read Storm's birth story here), Gestational diabetes. This time my sugars were uncontrollable and near the end of my pregnancy I had to start taking a tablet which helped lower my insulin. 

Baby was measuring normal size however and not small like my previous baby. 

We chose the same private hospital and obstetrician for my second pregnancy after such an amazing experience with my first. 

Again, I had an induction date but it wasn’t until i was 39 weeks due to baby being a good size. 

When I went to one of my last obstetrician appointments I was dilated again 3cm! 

Strong Braxton hicks like my last pregnancy were apparent, but one night things felt different!

I woke up to my daughter about 12am, I gave her a bottle and resettled her. And during this time I felt contractions. 

I laid in bed for a short time just to make sure they were proper contractions. I never experienced early labour with my first so I was unsure what to expect. 

I called my mum about 12:15am, as she was going to come and mind my daughter. Then I rang the hospital and they told me to come in. With my first labour only being 5hours I was very aware that my second could be faster! And I knew I needed that epidural haha 

I woke my husband up and said it’s go time. My sleepy husband questioned  me, and thought we didn’t need to bring my labour bag haha this mama is taking her labour bag, Thankyou! 

I was 38 + 5, I was monitored and wasn’t going anywhere! 

The epidural came, this time I did need some hormones to help keep contractions coming. 

I didn’t have to wear a face mask , but my husband had to. 

7am came around where my obstetrician came in and she said  we were nearly there, and pushing will be very soon! 

She came back and baby was right there, but taking time to come down the final stage, it wasn’t until around 10am where I could start pushing! Only about 5 minutes of pushing, and I pulled out my baby boy onto my chest. 

And there I met my beautiful son Reef! Weighed 6lbs 11oz 

Length 51cm 

9hours of labour, 5mins of pushing. 

He is the most perfect addition to our family! 

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