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Find comfort in all the new mother moments. With a focus on supporting new mothers through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Mere Botanicals offer innovative, safe and effective natural products made with only the highest-quality ingredients.

After realising a significant gap in information and education for preparing for birth and postpartum support, Kate founded Mère Botanicals with the intention of providing better assistance to new mothers. Drawing upon her expertise as a naturopath and role as a mother to three children, and fuelled by her dedication to aiding new mothers, Kate utilised my passion for design to create this innovative product line, for you.

Mere Botanicals strives to equip women with the necessary tools and support to navigate the experiences of motherhood and assist them in their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Our postpartum essentials, crafted by women for women, with a conscious effort to support your body, your baby and the environment.


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