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On Friday the 16th of October at 9.10pm. My waters broke. I called the maternity ward to let them know, they suggested that I come in for an assessment.

I had been closely monitored from 20 weeks as they had found out bubs had 2 heart valves instead of 3. They mentioned that this is not uncommon or life threatening, they would simply just keep an eye on bubs growth.

I had another scan done at 24 weeks and they had detected that bubs long bones were measuring short. Which meant even more scans! So due to these issues it was best for me to go in straight away.

I hadn't had any contractions at this stage and I hadn't even finished packing my hospital bag! I was 38 weeks and I thought I had plenty of time still! I called my 7 year old daughters dad to let him know he needed to pick her up. He said he would be an hour because he had pulled his car apart. I just said as calm as I could "no worries. Take your time. I haven't had any contractions yet!"
When I was having my daughter my waters broke 2 days before I went into a 19 hour labour so I was pretty chilled out about it thinking I had plenty of time.
Bubs dad lives an hour away but because of Covid-19 and with strict restrictions in place he was only allowed in once I had been admitted to the birthing suite. I told him I'd let him know when and if that happens. I really was convinced this was a false alarm and that I would be sent back home!

I had finally packed my hospital bag and I had my first contraction. It was mild and bearable and even though I felt a lot of pressure... Down there. I still thought they would most likely send me back home.

My daughters dad had arrived. By this time my contractions were 10 minutes apart. Shortly after at around 11 pm my friend helped me into the car and off to the hospital we went. In that trip my contractions had quickly sped up to 6 minutes apart and were getting stronger.

By the time I was buzzed into the maternity ward and in the waiting area they were 5 minutes and boy does it suck going through a contraction with a mask on! Lucky they were bearable!

The nurse finally called me into her tiny room and took my temperature, blood pressure and took notes. Contractions were ranging from 3- 5 mins at this time.
After. What felt like forever. They took me through to the assessment room and hooked me up to a monitor. Contractions had gone down to 6 - 7 minutes. The nurse said she would examine me shortly but because I had mentioned that contractions were still bearable she asked if I wanted to go home. I said I would rather stay. I didn't want to go through the hassle of coming back!

As she was examining me she said " you're 5cms dilated aaaand I think I just touched your babies head!" She told me to call dad to tell him to come in as they were going to admit me in about half an hour. I got up and seen that during the examination I had lost my plug.

Contractions were in full swing now and I must say. Trying to put your pants back on while you have severe SPD during active labour was a huge challenge! Thankfully I was told I could finally take my mask off. A bit of relief!

The nurse took me down to the birthing suite and set me up in my room. She asked if I wanted to use the gas. I mentioned that it had made me sick the last time so she said she would turn it right down for me. She said the midwives would be here shortly.

I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. I first used the stability ball. It seemed to be ok at first but as contractions ramped up rather quickly I decided to climb on the bed and lean over the back of it. I suddenly felt the urge to push and I panicked as I was still in the room by myself.

The midwives had arrived and introduced themselves with all smiles and I greeted them with yelling "I need to push!! " About 5 minutes later dad had arrived.
I turned around to lay on my back where they examined me and bubs was on his way out. They suggested I get back into the position I was in as things would happen a lot faster. So I did... And they did!

I was asked if I wanted a warm face washer over my perineum to help me from tearing. Of course I said yes. Whatever helps! A few pushes later at 2.41am on Saturday 17th of October. Weighing in at 3.5 kgs. My son Felix had quickly made it into the world. Dad mentioned he hadn't even been there for an hour yet!
"Lucky I didn't go home" I said.

I had a half a centimeter tear and a few grazes and didn't require stitches.
Felix developed a rash and because of how quickly the birth was he was bruised and had bloodshot eyes. They had us kept in hospital for a few extra days. But once results had come back clear we were allowed to go home.
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